Martin & Shelbyville United Methodist Churches

About Martin/Shelbyville United Methodist Churches
The people of Martin  and Shelbyville UMC are enthusiastic, practical and willing to put their faith into action. 
We Are:
     - working people
     - students
     - grandparents
     - “stay-at-home” moms (and grandmoms!) caring for small children
     - retired folk, some of them snowbirds!

Keeping us together are our relationships and our faith. We believe:
     - God has given all of us unique talents and abilities.
     - He loves and accepts each one of us, as we are, by his Grace.
     - Jesus is our foundation and our hope.

We follow Jesus. And we follow John Wesley, our founder, as we “strive for perfection” … emphasis on the striving!

We come together to learn, worship, support each other and live out Jesus’ commandment to tell the world about him, and to care for the people in our community and our world.

Church phone: 269-672-7097.

Call us or stop in for a visit to find out more about our ministries and how you can get involved.

Martin United Methodist Church
969 E Allegan Street
Martin, MI  49070
Shelbyville United Methodist Church
938 124th Ave 
Shelbyville, MI  49344
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