Martin & Shelbyville United Methodist Churches

Message Series
Here, you will find the sermons Pastor Sean provides us with each week at church. For those of you who have missed a week of worship from home may look here to see what was preached on Sunday or Saturday in the house of our Lord. The Martin Church does record them onto a CD.  You may borrow it at any time.
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Thursdays, Shelbyville UMC, 10am
Thursday, Pastor Sean's home, 7pm

"I want to drink God, deep draughts of God. I’m thirsty for God-alive. "  (from Psalm 42)

Join us for the last Thirsty Thursday study before the summer break!

We will be embarking on a 6-week study on the use of Protestant prayer beads (NO! It's not just a Catholic thing!). The Anglican Rosary is really pretty cool!

We will cover some introductory ground, familiarizing ourselves with the practice of beads in prayer. 

Next week we will be making our own Anglican rosaries, and then we will conclude this series with four weeks of discussion on prayer and the use of our newly-made rosaries.

Already have a Protestant rosary? Bring it! Have a Roman Catholic rosary? Bring it! We'll compare and contrast.

-Pastor Sean 
                                   Week 3
                                April 21/22

SCRIPTURE            Matthew 15:1-2, 7-9 
                                Psalms 95:6, 63:4, 149:3
                       Hebrews 13:15; Romans 12:1

SERMON                                      Pastor Sean
               "HOLLOW WORSHIP”