Martin & Shelbyville United Methodist Churches

Message Series
Here, you will find the sermons Pastor Sean provides us with each week at church. For those of you who have missed a week of worship from home may look here to see what was preached on Sunday or Saturday in the house of our Lord. The Martin Church does record them onto a CD.  You may borrow it at any time.
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Series Title: "I've Got Questions!"

February 25th - Who Is Jesus?          
  Mark 16: 13-16

March 4 - What Matters Most? 
  Mark 16:28-34

March 11 - Am I Accepted? 
 John 8:1-11

March 18 - Where Is God?  
 John 5:1-5, 14

March 25 - What About Suffering?     
  Matthew 27:27-31

April 1- Is There Hope? 
  Matthew 28:1-7