​2 Cultures, 1 Faith Community

Hey there! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit our site! I'm not sure why you're checking us out, but if you're looking to visit, we'd LOVE to invite you to attend one of our three weekly worship experiences.

Martin UMC - This Sunday morning worship gathering begins at 9:30 a.m. and features multi-media presentations to accompany the singing and sermon time. Fellowship time with food and fellowship always follows.

Shelbyville UMC - This is our 11:00 AM service that meets 4 miles north of Martin in Shelbyville. It features a more traditional worship experience complete with organ and hymnals. You'll love the warm hearts and big smiles! And (in case you haven't picked on the fact the we Methodists like to eat) a time of food and fellowship always follows.

"But I'm not Methodist!..."  In the UMC, you will find a pretty big theological umbrella. We're not all conservative and we're not all liberal. Chances are really good that you will find our Christian worship inspiring and our people are pretty down-to-earth. Oh, and come dressed as you are. Shorts and flip flops? Cool. Jeans? Yup. Polo and Dockers? Sure. Suit and tie? Well... if you must! 😊

Hope to see you this weekend!

  -Pastor Sean
Martin & Shelbyville United Methodist Churches

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